Artwork by Evy Morelli

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Voodoo Dogs, Etc.

                                These are Evy's creations--crocheted dogs (and cats)
                                that serve as pincushions, paperweights, and ball holders.
                                She can custom make one for your pet!

Just Under the Wire

Diane here. Can you believe it? The end of 2012. I am writing today so that I can say I wrote a December blog, because it's still December. By a hair. Which reminds me, I'd intended to color my hair during the holidays. The gray strands are not attractive. Kinda wiry and flyaway ...

Nothing like holding a First Annual Holiday Boutique in your neighborhood to discover a few things about yourself. And I like to follow Socrates' advice, Know Thyself. It tends to move you in a positive direction, once you gets over the humbling experience of thinking your uber-artsy Ocean-Themed Magnets would be the big seller, when in fact it was the whimsical Voodoo Dog Collection that stole the show.

So, I'm taking orders and Evy is chunking out the crocheted canines. And they are going like hot-cakes! (Er, hotdogs?) Custom-made to match your dog's breed and personality, three functional styles are offered:
   1.  Voodoo Pin Cushion. Popular with the dog-loving, sewing buffs (or possibly the boss-hating crowd).
   2.  Voodoo Ball Holder. Always searching for your dog's favorite ball? Now it has a home!
   3.  Voodoo Paperweight. A replica of your dog (in yarn, so maybe replica is too strong a word) can sit atop the pile of papers on your desk.

Evy is having fun making the dogs, and has even branched out into crocheting cats--Hello Kitty included. See the pics above and, of course, contact us for more info on these and any other items of interest. Evy is going to focus on crocheted goodies right now, including scarves and hats, but don't worry, she has not forsaken her painting.

As for me, I'm still freelance writing and teaching art and journalism in an after-school program here on the Central Coast. Check out Modern Serenity, an awesome green-living website with lots of great articles and ideas, including a few of my contributions. click here

My latest thing is writing chapbooks, which are perfect for flash fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. I'm also working diligently on my children's books. It's all so much fun. The art, the writing, the teaching--the living on the Central Coast. All, except the graying hair. And I've got a date with Clairol that'll take care of that.