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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sample Color Chart

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Starting Over

Happy New Year! 

This always seems to be a time for new beginnings – a time to re-assess, to re-evaluate, to reorganize – a time to start over. That could be merely clearing out the garage, rearranging the furniture, or setting new goals for the coming year.

As for Diane and me, our relocation to our new home put many of our intended goals and projects “on hold.” We barely had time to catch our breath, when the busy holiday season stared us in the face. For the most part, Diane's writing projects were set aside, and my paints were put on the shelf.

As for me, being a watercolorist demands constant practice. If one must postpone painting for any length of time (say, 3 years or more), it's like starting over. So, what is the best way to get those brushes in action again? For me, it's simply making color charts.

I have started by making swatches of 16 of the darkest pigments in my collection. By starting with the full intensity of a color, such as Payne's Gray, Van Dyke Brown, or Dragon's Blood, then pulling it down with clear water, you immediately see the color in its full range of values – very dark, mid-tone, and very light. Next step is to do one or more monochromatic paintings, with some of these pigments. This is my way of starting over.

As for Diane, she is back at work on her various writing projects, including a novel. But, she is also gearing up for some classes she is committed to teach here in adult education (see previous blog for details).

A new home, a new year.  We're starting over and it's a great feeling!